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Complete Contact CRM

Complete Contact CRM is a strategically designed contact manager optimized for robust performance, functionality and speed. Complete Contact CRM incorporates many advanced features while providing increased efficiency and sales. It does this by improving the day-to-day productivity, sales tracking and processing efficiency while increasing customer satisfaction.

Complete Contact CRM delivers exceptional functionality and value by incorporating advanced contact management with requirements tracking, quote development, ordering, procurement, automated processes communication, scheduling, and reporting. Complete Contact CRM automatically ensures complete records and precise data with it’s enforced data integrity rules. Additional security prevents unrestricted changes with optional read-only views of critical data.

Complete Contact CRM is a Complete Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Order Tracking, Requirements Tracking and Sourcing package that runs your Broker Distributor Business. The system is the most powerful CRM system for Broker Distributors of Electronic Components.

Complete Contact CRM – The Complete CRM and Contact Management System for Broker Distributors of Electronic Components

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Innovative Features

Automatic Vendor Ratings enables you to make better decisions. We are always striving to bring you the latest technology and a faster, easier way to do your job.
Increase efficiency and sales!

Online Services Integration

Integrates with search engines, data sheet sites and other search sites to facilitate sourcing.
No more switching between multiple programs. Increased accuracy and faster sourcing!

Requirement Management

Requirements are tracked through each step from entry (or importing) to the final sale. Helps organize and streamline requirement handling making you a more productive sales machine!

Contact Management

All relevant information is just a click away. Create better relationships!

Sales Dashboards

All of you most important work is summarized on one screen to keep you informed. With the right information you can make better decisions and focus on the most important issues.

Easy to learn and use

It is designed as a true Windows Application making it easier to learn and use. You get Up and Running faster! Makes you and your new your employees more productive and effective faster!

Accounting Integration

Integrates with QuickBooks and Peach Tree. Other accounting software can be integrated. No more double entry!


Multi-layer security allows you to assign permissions and logging capabilities to any or all screens. Secure information access! Recover important data from changed records!

And a Lot More…

Multi-Location, Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehouse, and lots of more features…
We keep adding features regularly, keep checking!